Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

Had such a great time exploring this magical forest and beach bluff with Ariana. I hope this series accurately reflects her joyful, creative spirit!

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Sydney & Alex

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA PHOTOGRAPHERYou may see a familiar face in this post. Sydney did some modeling for me in the past, so when her boyfriend Alex contacted me saying he wanted to gift her a couples session for her birthday, I was thrilled! These two are so fun to be around and so attractive - I told them they should sign up for couples modeling. Thanks again, Alex and Sydney!

SydneyAlex-074 SydneyAlex-065 SydneyAlex-025 DIP1 SydneyAlex-118 SydneyAlex-184 DIP2 SydneyAlex-198 SydneyAlex-207 SydneyAlex-210 SydneyAlex-214 SydneyAlex-219 SydneyAlex-224 SydneyAlex-230 SydneyAlex-236 SydneyAlex-246 SydneyAlex-247 SydneyAlex-254 SydneyAlex-260 SydneyAlex-262 DIP3 SydneyAlex-272 SydneyAlex-281 SydneyAlex-286 DIP4 SydneyAlex-293 SydneyAlex-298 SydneyAlex-329 DIP5 SydneyAlex-341 SydneyAlex-343 SydneyAlex-350 SydneyAlex-353 SydneyAlex-361 SydneyAlex-366


Santa Barbara, California Photographer

Being a photographer – or any kind of artist – requires you to be a bit unconventional. Breaking social boundaries is a part of what I do, by bringing people out of their comfort zones (while simultaneously being out of my own), getting in their personal space, slyly trying to capture strangers when I have no models around, etc. Often times I see people with an unusual look or interesting style and wish I could just ask them on the spot if they'd be my model (thankfully I haven't gone this far – yet!). Well, this a great example of that. I had seen Ruby around campus and admired her wonderfully vintage style and was always thinking, "I'd love to take photos of her!" Creepy, right? Well, bringing creepiness to the next level was when I saw her tagged in a photo with one of my other Facebook friends and decided to message her. Luckily, she wasn't totally creeped out and agreed to work with me! So thanks, Ruby, for going along with this unconventional arrangement and creating some beautiful images with me!

This shoot started out with some bright and cheery mustard, and the images got moodier as the sun was setting.

Ruby-149 Ruby-159 Ruby-178 Ruby-129 Ruby-169 Ruby-155 Ruby-142 DIP2 Ruby-200 Ruby-028 Ruby-279 DIP3 Ruby-308 DIP4 Ruby-318Ruby-313Ruby-331