Palo Alto, California photographer | Arastradero Preserve | September 13, 2015

Sometimes I'm disappointed when the sun doesn't show its face for a shoot, but in this case, the cloud/smoke cover diffused the light beautifully, making shooting at any angle possible. Kimberly and Minta worked so hard to make this shoot come together - thanks, ladies!

Model: Minta Hsu // HMUA: Kimberly MacPhee // Flowers: Simply Stunning Events

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Field Day Lookbook

Oakland Fashion Photographer | Field Day Wearables

"field day is a small indie clothing label born in 2005 out of Oakland, California. Trinity, the creator of field day, designs flattering, versatile, long-lasting, and completely conscious ready-to-wear line inspired by classic silhouettes that flatter the figure. field day utilizes the most sustainable materials available such as reclaimed vintage bed sheets that have been dyed in small batches to organic cotton grown and milled in California." I excerpted this bit from her website because I wanted to make sure you all knew how wonderful the story behind these designs is!

I had the opportunity to work with Trinity in getting some photos for a lookbook of her fall collection. It was so fun working with all these ladies - enjoy the photos, and be sure to go buy yourself something! (I know I will.) :)

Big thanks to models Mali, Nea, Emily, & Jaclyn!

FieldDay-331 FieldDay-061 FieldDay-324 FieldDay-003 FieldDay-017 00DIP1 FieldDay-026 FieldDay-046 FieldDay-056 FieldDay-070 00DIP2 FieldDay-081 FieldDay-084 FieldDay-090 FieldDay-098 00DIP3 FieldDay-121 00DIP4 FieldDay-128 00DIP5 FieldDay-187 FieldDay-195 FieldDay-202 00DIP6 FieldDay-210 FieldDay-258 FieldDay-267 00DIP8 FieldDay-268 00DIP7 FieldDay-289 00DIP9 FieldDay-293 FieldDay-323 00DIP10 FieldDay-302 FieldDay-308 FieldDay-314