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As you may have noticed, I love symmetry. I love odd numbers that allow one central focal piece to be surrounded on either side by duplicates of itself. I love the repetition that identical objects create as they cascade into the depth of the photo. Quintuplets are hard to find. (If you know any, send them my way!) So, for this shoot, I had to get a bit creative. What you see below is one model, Ksenia Koulechova, composited into 3-5 clones of herself.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how I shot and composited these images.

Hair & Makeup by Inna Mathews

Styling by Jessie Couberly

Featuring an amazing jumpsuit by local designer Only Child

Published in Darling Magazine, Issue No. 21 (scroll to the bottom to see the tearsheets!)

Special thanks to my neighbor Jeff Bierach for allowing us to put his chickens in the spotlight. :)

Darling Magazine Tearsheets:

Emmanuel & Christina | SFMOMA Photoshoot

SFMOMA Photoshoot | San Francisco Photographer For this shoot, Emmanuel and Christina wanted some creative headshots. We decided that SFMOMA was the perfect venue, with the stunning Sequence piece by Richard Serra (pictured below) and the living wall of greenery, as well as the abundant paintings that served as perfect backdrops.

Apart from going there for cool photos, I encourage everyone to visit SFMOMA and experience all the beautiful exhibits!


Nancy | Half Moon Bay Photo Session

Half Moon Bay Greenhouses/James Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Photo Session Nancy and I had the perfect overcast lighting - as is common in Half Moon Bay - for her Friday afternoon photo session at Highway 92 Succulents & James Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. I love the variety of shots we got over the span of a few hours - from beautiful flowers and succulents to a magical cypress grove and rocky beach, we covered it all. Enjoy!

NancyG-031 copy NancyG-01400DIP1NancyG-002NancyG-009NancyG-017NancyG-033NancyG-026NancyG-02300DIP2NancyG-038NancyG-047NancyG-05000DIP3NancyG-055NancyG-070NancyG-066NancyG-08000DIP4NancyG-086NancyG-116NancyG-082NancyG-091NancyG-18700DIP7NancyG-182NancyG-203NancyG-193NancyG-19800DIP6NancyG-169NancyG-164NancyG-173NancyG-147NancyG-12300DIP5NancyG-227NancyG-215NancyG-240NancyG-236NancyG-25000DIP8NancyG-257NancyG-260NancyG-265NancyG-28000DIP9NancyG-274NancyG-26100DIP10NancyG-289

Bryte | San Francisco Photoshoot

San Francisco Fashion Photographer | Mt. Davidson Photoshoot I had a great time working with Bryte on these images, and I finally captured the fog I'd been dreaming about for a while. Something about the way these colors look in the thick mist is so stunning! Be sure to also check out the False Twins series that was also produced during this shoot.

Model: Bryte Darden of Look Model Agency Hair & Makeup: Amy Lawson Location: Mt. Davidson & Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Bryte-200 (1)Bryte-198 (1)Bryte-170 (1)00DIP8Bryte-196 (1)Bryte-134 (1)00DIP4Bryte-128 (1)Bryte-036 (1)Bryte-048 (1)Bryte-027 (1) Bryte-053 (1)Bryte-049 (1)00DIP1 (1)Bryte-056 (1)Bryte-071 (1)Bryte-062 (1)00DIP2 (1)Bryte-096 (1)Bryte-084 (1)00DIP3Bryte-099 (1)Bryte-137 (1)Bryte-153 (1)00DIP5Bryte-157 (1)Bryte-187 (1)00DIP6Bryte-181 (1)00DIP7Bryte-215 (1)Bryte-227 (1)00DIP9Bryte-269 (1)00DIP10Bryte-265 (1)Bryte-259 (1)Bryte-280 (1)Bryte-248 (1)

Jazz | UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens Photoshoot

UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens Photoshoot | Berkeley, California Photographer What I like about this shoot is that we went from a very organic, ethereal scene in the greenhouse to a much grittier, colorful, urban scene in Downtown Berkeley, yet it still seems to flow fairly well. Model Jazz Sizemore-Hoskins was awesome to work with, as well as hair and makeup artist Terry Alabata. Hope you enjoy it!


5 of a Kind | ModCloth Shoot

I'm so happy to finally be sharing this shoot. The idea has been in the works since October 2015, and it took me nearly seven months to a) find 5 girls with dark hair & bangs, b) find a company to sponsor the identical outfits (thank you, Modcloth!), and c) pick a date that worked for everyone. I even had the privilege of working with Elise Muetterties of Near & Dear Style, who flew down from Seattle to style the shoot! I can't believe everything came together as nicely as it did. I wanted to portray the idea of being identical and in symmetry with one another. I find repeated shapes along minimal horizons to be so beautiful! So here it is: 5 of a kind.



Bridget | Sunrise Lupine Session

Bridget and I went to high school together, and I was so excited when she contacted me to take her college senior portraits. When I asked if she'd be willing to meet me at 6:45am for a sunrise session, she said "yes" without hesitation and drove from San Jose to Dublin (45 minutes!) all ready to shoot! I think it was worth it - we got some stunning shots in the lupines!


Flower Beard! Editing an iPhone photo in Lightroom | Video Tutorial

Over the weekend, I went home to my parents' house and saw that this bush - I'm not sure what it's called - was just starting to bloom. It was begging me to take photos with it somehow, but I hadn't even brought my camera.flower beard

Luckily we all have high-quality photo-taking machines in our pockets these days, so I pulled out my iPhone and asked Padraic if he'd mind getting in the bush for some "flower beard" photos. Because he is as nice as he is, he agreed without hesitation. I was super happy with the results!

flower beard 2

However, since I also hadn't brought my laptop along to edit with, I was limited to editing on my phone with the VSCO Cam app. Because there were some more complex details I wanted to alter, I gave up on that and waited to pull the photos into Lightroom when I got home. Here is a brief editing tutorial/behind-the-scenes video! Hope you enjoy it!

Padraic + Me + The Ginkgo Tree

Sometimes my personal work gets buried beneath everything else that piles up on my list of things to do. I'll get home really excited about the photos, edit and post a few, and then forget about them as I work on other items. I don't think every shoot is meant to be well-planned with intentions of sharing with the world; it's okay if it sinks into my external hard drive to be discovered years later. This shoot is an example of something that was almost forgotten, but luckily I pulled it out of the depths of my filing system and brought it to life. Here it is, five months later: Padraic + me + the ginkgo tree. photoofginkgotree4photoofginkgotree5photoofginkgotree1photoofginkgotree6photoofginkgotree8photoofginkgotree2photoofginkgotree7photoofginkgotree3photoofginkgotree9photoofginkgotree10