Flower Beard! Editing an iPhone photo in Lightroom | Video Tutorial

Over the weekend, I went home to my parents' house and saw that this bush - I'm not sure what it's called - was just starting to bloom. It was begging me to take photos with it somehow, but I hadn't even brought my camera.flower beard

Luckily we all have high-quality photo-taking machines in our pockets these days, so I pulled out my iPhone and asked Padraic if he'd mind getting in the bush for some "flower beard" photos. Because he is as nice as he is, he agreed without hesitation. I was super happy with the results!

flower beard 2

However, since I also hadn't brought my laptop along to edit with, I was limited to editing on my phone with the VSCO Cam app. Because there were some more complex details I wanted to alter, I gave up on that and waited to pull the photos into Lightroom when I got home. Here is a brief editing tutorial/behind-the-scenes video! Hope you enjoy it!