5 Housemates' Senior Photos

Santa Barbara, CA | UCSB Class of 2015 | Senior Portraits

After getting her own photos done, Karen brought her four housemates back for a group photoshoot, which was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see all these personalities come together! I think they should all go model for Free People.

Karen_etal-002 Karen_etal-011 Karen_etal-036 Karen_etal-038 Karen_etal-043 Karen_etal-047 Karen_etal-051 Karen_etal-071 Karen_etal-078 Karen_etal-083 Karen_etal-089 Karen_etal-091 Karen_etal-103 Karen_etal-115 Karen_etal-118 Karen_etal-119 Karen_etal-121 Karen_etal-127 Karen_etal-130 Karen_etal-145

Ana, Angie, & Laura

Santa Barbara, CA | UCSB + UCLA Class of 2015 | Senior Portraits

These girls woke up early to catch some morning fog. For being so early, they all had such great energy that I think shines through in these shots. Thanks again, ladies! I had a great time working with you.




Classic California | UCSB Class of 2015 Senior Portraits | Santa Barbara County

This senior shoot was definitely one of a kind. I would simply describe Nicole as "fabulous." She is funny, energetic, and probably the most adventurous person I've had the pleasure of working with so far; this is evident in her train trestle and ocean photos. She spent a semester at sea traveling the world and used some scarves from her travels for part of the shoot. During our consultation she recited a disturbing-yet-wonderful poem she had written off the top of her head. I think that says it all – she is an interesting, fabulous human being. And I hope these photos reflect that! Thanks again, Nicole!

Nicole-074 Nicole-018 Nicole-055 00DIP1 Nicole-068 Nicole-065 Nicole-087 Nicole-098 Nicole-103 Nicole-108 Nicole-112 00DIP2 Nicole-123 Nicole-133 00DIP3 Nicole-165 Nicole-166 Nicole-183 00DIP4 Nicole-139 Nicole-198 Nicole-203 Nicole-315 00DIP7 Nicole-322 Nicole-340 Nicole-358 00DIP8 Nicole-370 Nicole-374 Nicole-378 Nicole-389 Nicole-396 Nicole-288 Nicole-261 Nicole-265 Nicole-269 Nicole-299 Nicole-257 00DIP5 Nicole-302


Knapps Castle Senior Portraits | UCSB Class of 2015 | Santa Barbara, California

Meet Natalie, another lovely UCSB senior! We had a lot of fun on this Free People-inspired shoot – especially with the bathtub! Despite the cold wind we found up in the mountains, I think the shots we got are one-of-a-kind and so warm and golden. Thanks again, Natalie! And congratulations!Natalie-312 00DIP9 Natalie-011 00DIP10 Natalie-068 Natalie-094 Natalie-091 Natalie-108 Natalie-122 00DIP11 Natalie-118 Natalie-100 00DIP1 Natalie-137 Natalie-139 00DIP12 Natalie-156 Natalie-150 00DIP5 Natalie-186 Natalie-199 00DIP4 Natalie-229 Natalie-225 Natalie-245 Natalie-240 00DIP3 Natalie-238 Natalie-269 00DIP6 Natalie-284 Natalie-287 Natalie-294 Natalie-295 Natalie-296 Natalie-353 Natalie-339 Natalie-342 Natalie-328 Natalie-360

Julia K.

Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

I just love working with seniors! For the first (and last) time, I am also a college senior, and it's so fun to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm for UCSB and graduation. Julia and I were able to get some great shots over at the Butterfly Preserve – isn't her smile contagious?

JuliaK-023 JuliaK-050 JuliaK-056 DIP1 JuliaK-127 JuliaK-145 JuliaK-158 JuliaK-166 DIP2 JuliaK-206 JuliaK-211 JuliaK-214 JuliaK-226 DIP3 JuliaK-232 JuliaK-243 JuliaK-248 JuliaK-257 JuliaK-271 JuliaK-283 JuliaK-301 JuliaK-302 JuliaK-308 JuliaK-314 JuliaK-334 JuliaK-342 DIP4 JuliaK-346 JuliaK-349 DIP5 JuliaK-371