Pam & Casey

This was one of those shoots where I pretty much forgot about the fact that I was holding a camera taking photos. Pam, my former boss, and her daughter Casey are the kinds of people that cause me to throw away descriptive words over and over because they can't really be put into words. Vibrant, hilarious, bad-ass, smile-inducing...that just scrapes the surface. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

00DIP4 PamCasey-010 PamCasey-011 PamCasey-017 PamCasey-01800DIP3 PamCasey-033 PamCasey-038 PamCasey-027 PamCasey-048 00DIP2 PamCasey-053 PamCasey-056 PamCasey-060 PamCasey-063 PamCasey-071 PamCasey-065